Political Salon Highlights

Great conversation filled our conference room at our Political Salon Friday. Katie Ludvigson, Allison Matthews and Erin Meyer spoke on the panel about political issues with importance to young women. We were especially thrilled to have Rep. Kathy Brynaert attend our Political Salon.

Katie spoke about the growing concern of young women balancing family and career. She also gave insight about the wage gap still present between men and women. Erin addressed LGBT rights and the current political climate for the LGBT community. Allison talked about young women’s health and reproductive rights. The three topics were different in content but all hark back to the growing concern about young women’s involvement in politics and policy. We agreed that these issues are vital for women to know, but there is a lack of education and media surrounding women’s involvement in politics, especially for young women.

Our political salon discussions are about creating an informal dialogue that educates about ways we can learn more about policy. It is a social gathering to learn new ideas and find new connections. We encourage everyone to respect each other’s opinions even if they are different. Our nonpartisan discussions are open to all voices. It was exciting to see how these issues are important to all generations.

These issues proved to garner many different thoughts. We enjoyed hearing all the different voices, and we give a big thanks to all who attended!


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